Arkansas: Heart of the Nation’s Wood Basket

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Companies from around the world are expanding and relocating into Arkansas because the state has such a well-managed and sustainable forest.

Since 1978, Arkansas has actually increased its forest area by 5 percent, and its amount of standing timber by 50 percent. Every year, the state is growing 15+ million tons of wood fiber over and above what is being harvested.

Arkansas has more standing wood today than has been recorded in the last 70 years, and its forests have 70 million more tons of pine and 30 million more tons of hardwoods than just 10 years ago.

For global companies looking to bring business to the U.S., Arkansas attracts them with a timber resource that is available, sustainable and at a low cost.

Eco-Friendly Forestry in Arkansas

Climate change, insects, disease, environmental regulations — these are just a few of the many concerns foresters face today. Forestry, however, benefits the environment. The ultimate goal of forestry is to revitalize forests and keep them healthy. Arkansas forestry is no different. Arkansas is one of the leaders in environmentally friendly forestry and healthy timber.