Get a taste of Arkansas.

From agriculture and cheese dip to natural spring water and a bevy of craft breweries, the food and beverage industry in Arkansas has a long and vibrant history. We’re helping propel it into the future.

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Why is Arkansas a natural fit for food and beverage?


We grow a lot of food.

Agriculture is Arkansas’ largest industry, producing 49 percent of all the rice in the United States. Other major crops include soybeans, corn, wheat and grain sorghum. Arkansas is the only state commercially producing and processing edamame soybeans. Plus, we have a strong and growing network of small farms raising livestock, fruits and vegetables. Arkansas has a lot to choose from for food and beverage companies seeking local inputs.


Arkansas has a strong and steady workforce.

Arkansas is home to Fortune 500 company Tyson Foods, which is the 6th largest company in the sector, worldwide. There’s also a wide range of large and small food and beverage companies with a presence here. Our food and beverage workforce is strong, with multiple education and training facilities throughout the state.


We know food supply chain, distribution and retail.

Walmart, the largest private company in the world and a worldwide leader in food sales and distribution, calls Arkansas home. We also have JB Hunt, another Fortune 500 company, and other supply chain and logistics companies based in the state. Arkansas is on the cutting edge of incorporating blockchain technology into food safety and transparency.


We are ready for new and expanding food and beverage companies.

Arkansas has streamlined our state government and competitive incentive programs. We offer the lowest cost of doing business nationwide AND the second lowest cost of living for your associates. Importantly, we have available sites well-suited for the food and beverage industry.