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With five military installations and companies like Dassault Falcon Jet, Envoy Air, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, Arkansas knows the Aerospace & Defense industry. Nearly 180 companies make up our leading export – more than $1.5 billion annually in aircrafts and aerospace products and parts are helping support leisure travel and military defense. Stay in touch with the latest announcements and trends through our quarterly email newsletter.

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Why is Arkansas a good fit for Aerospace & Defense?


We have a well-trained workforce and strong experience and history in the industry.

  • Multiple military installations across the state, including Little Rock Air Force Base with more than 7,500 active-duty military and civilian members, including 1,488 civilians
  • The Highland Industrial Park is home to Lockheed Martin, Aeroject Rocketdyne, General Dynamics, Esterline Defense and others.
  • Multiple training programs across the state.


Arkansas is poised for growth in this industry

  • Aerospace & Defense is Arkansas’ leading export. In 2017, aircraft & aircraft parts were Arkansas’ largest category of export with over $1.5 B dollars in goods exported.
  • Multiple available buildings and sites to support expansion and relocation.
  • Strong support from the Governor and Congressional delegation


Aerospace & Defense companies find success here

  • With the lowest cost of doing business and second lowest cost of living, it’s easy to work and live here. Our competitive incentives and collaborative culture foster a pro-business environment.
  • Arkansas is a right-to-work state.