Are you concerned about keeping your team members safe and in full compliance with State and Federal guidelines in the era of COVID-19?

The idea of how to create and sustain safe and healthy manufacturing environments can be filled with apprehension and uncertainty. It doesn’t have to be. We know that when health, safety, and lives are on the line, it’s critical to get it right the first time. That’s why Arkansas Manufacturing Solutions has compiled the information, resources, and strategies to guide our region’s manufacturers in moving forward in the safest ways possible.

Our Healthy Workplace Playbook is a great resource to help you create and communicate effective measures and procedures that will prioritize the health, safety, and security of your manufacturing environment, workers, customers, and products. From personal protective equipment protocols and sanitization processes to measures for maintaining social distancing in the workplace, gaining buy-in for new measures, and more, the Playbook will help you establish a sustainable and safe new normal during and after COVID-19.


Download the Arkansas Healthy Workplace Playbook